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Message from the Head

Prof. (Dr.) Arun Nayak

Head of the Department

I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to each of you as you embark on your educational journey within the dynamic fields of Hospital Administration and Public Health. Your decision to pursue these disciplines reflects your dedication to making a positive impact on healthcare systems and the well-being of communities.

As the Head of the Department, I am both honored and excited to guide you through this transformative phase of your academic and professional development. Our department stands as a beacon of knowledge, innovation, and collaboration, dedicated to equipping you with the skills and insights necessary to excel in these critical sectors.

Hospital Administration is at the forefront of managing healthcare institutions, ensuring their effective operation, financial stability, and patient-centered care. The knowledge you gain here will enable you to navigate the complex landscape of healthcare management, applying strategic thinking and leadership to improve the quality and accessibility of medical services.

In the realm of Public Health, you will delve into the multifaceted aspects of disease prevention, health promotion, and policy development. Your studies will empower you to address pressing public health challenges, from epidemiological investigations to advocating for policies that enhance the overall well-being of populations.

Remember that the journey you are embarking upon is not only about absorbing information, but also about fostering critical thinking, empathy, and a spirit of innovation. Collaborate with your peers, engage with your professors, and actively participate in the opportunities for practical experience that our department provides. Whether it's internships, research projects, or community outreach initiatives, these experiences will enrich your learning and shape your perspective.

Once again, welcome to the Department of Hospital Administration and Public Health. Let's embark on this journey together, with enthusiasm and determination, as we work towards a healthier, brighter future for all.

from the leader

Dr. Mousumi Ghosh

(Founder Director)

We are constantly striving for excellence in our mission to create leaders for tomorrow by nurturing young minds, who would become professionals as well as intellectual global citizens. Our vision to provide wide angle learning have zeroed down.

from the leader

Mr. Silajit Ghosh


I feel proud to see our students achieve success. Apart from having strong career growth, they also come out as fantastic human beings. I am also thankful to the corporate who have consistently shown confidence in Future Education and providing opportunity to its students to work with them.