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Local Guardian System

The Local Guardian System has been introduced with the main objective of providing supportive care and counsel to students in their academic and personal problems, from time to time, if any. This system helps the students complete their studies comfortably and successfully. The Local Guardian system is used to continuously and regularly monitor the academic progress of the students and to rectify their problems. The college also encourages parents to be in regular contact with the assigned Professor /HOD/ Principal.


  • To inspire a healthy relationship between the teacher and student.

  • To eliminate any indiscipline among the students.

  • To improve the overall academic performance.

  • To give students a measure of self-confidence at all spheres.


Every teaching department implements the local guardian system through its faculty and all the faculty members are designated as proctors.

    • A faculty is assigned to act as a local guardian to solve the academic and administrative problems of his wards.

    • The faculty closely monitors the progress of students under his/her care and helps them in overcoming their problems.

    • The faculty assists in academic and overall development of the student under his/her charge.

    • The faculty conducts regular meetings with Students.


      • The Local Guardian Process is a supportive process, wherein the respective HOD heads the system. All the faculty members act as Guardians.

      • Each Faculty is allotted to a particular class and act as a Local Guardian.

      • The Faculty acts as a local guardian helping to solve the academic and administrative problems faced by his wards and would help in solving personal problems, if any.

      • The faculty maintains a Student Information Record (SIR) for each of his/her wards which gives all the details of the students, in terms of course registration/course dropping/withdrawn/re-registration etc.

      • ln addition to details of faculty-student meetings held from time to time, SIR also gives the details of the performance of the candidate in the semester end examination.

      • Provision has been made to send the progress reports of each student to his/her parents/guardians furnishing the details of attendance, class marks, examination results etc. These reports are sent twice in a semester (at the end of 45 days & 90 days from the starting of the semester) to the parent / guardian of each student.

      • The third report is sent in case of such students who fail to satisfy the minimum attendance stipulated by University norms.

      • The Dean-Academics, Chairman of local Guardian System, regularly conducts scheduled meetings with the HODs/ Faculty members and Principal on the Local Guardian system process.

      • A student whose performance is not up to the mark is asked to appear for counseling with the respective HOD / Dean-Academics / Principal in order to help the student improve his/her performance in the coming semesters.

A continuous effort is being made to give the best services from our institution towards the Local Guardian System and has received an excellent response and encouragement.

Chairman- Local Guardian System

Dr. Jaydip Nath


Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Future Institute of Engineering and Management

Sonarpur Station Road


M: 8450826453

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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